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Woodys Bike Park is the first bike park to be built in Cornwall. Our park is family owned and run by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.

Current rebuild nearly is complete, we have built new trials and freshed and changed lots of existing sections, book on from Saturday 1st April, looking forward to a great season in 2023.


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The double black has been changed and refreshed, the black has new sections and the 45 is now a 50ft monster. We have built a new red run which is alpin flow. 

We have built trails for all abilities from flowy blues to the biggest senders in the country; you will descend with a huge smile. Then be uplifted through the 110 acre farm on the smoothest and fastest uplift road around. We are based just outside the fishing town of Fowey right on the south Cornish coast.

It is our aim to provide you with as much air time as possible with deep berms, perfect tables and huge doubles. We have imported local granite to build some of the most technical rock gardens you’ll find.

We are bringing West coast Canada to West coast England with wide jump trails that you will ride all day and never get bored.

Push Up

Push Up

Push up the farm track for a full days shredding!



From blue to double black, we have it all.



Get the most out of your visit to Woody's Bike Park.

"Had the pleasure of ridin at Woodys Bike Park a few weeks ago; Jasper and the boys have done such a sick job of the place.. Flow zone!"
Josh Bryceland


Opening times Thu - Sun 10am - 4pm   Price - Uplift ticket £34 / £65   Book now